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Главная » 2014 » Апрель » 28 » "How We Kept Mother's Day"
"How We Kept Mother's Day"

Comment on the following sentence: "There were tears in my mother's eyes."

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3 morTer  
I think she enjoyed it. I believe that any mom likes when her kids are doing it so nicely that they are preparing for her surprise.

2 kate  
The idea of celebrating Mother's Day is wonderful. I greatly appreciate it. The heroes of this story did everything they could to make Mother happy.  In big families Mother is the center of all events, hopes, dreams and real love. So for such Leader of this great unit ( I mean the family), the best pleasure is to make everything possible the family were happy. Just the same happened to  the Mother. She decorated the house, packed all the things to put them on the car. Then she met her family late in the evening, served them the dinner and just cleaned the things up and washed the dishes. Nobody made her do all those things. It was her duty called simply Love.

1 ann  
I think that the eyes of mother's were tears because her family spent a good time, but she was tired. On the other hand, because her children came to kiss her before going to bed and it touched her.

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